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BRAZIL: "Occupy" Movement Rolls to Rio - IPS

"Occupy Rio" protesters camping out in Cinelândia square. By Fabíola Ortiz to IPS

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov 3, 2011 (IPS) - Inspired by the movement for real democracy and people's power that has spread to hundreds of cities around the world, young Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro have created their own version of "Occupy Wall Street", dubbed "Occupy Rio".

Following in the footsteps of Spain's "Indignados" (outraged people), about 200 young people are carrying out a peaceful protest in one of the main squares in Rio's city centre, where thousands of people pass by every day.

Around 125 tents have been pitched in the Cinelândia square, where the city council, the municipal theatre and the national library are situated. The square has become the focal point of demonstrations criticising consumerism, social inequality and the financial system.

Dozens of placards, reading "You are free", "Come out of your living-room-prison, your life is worth much more than a soap opera episode," or "Transform arms into art", express the sense of peaceful protest and freedom that has inundated the plaza since Saturday Oct. 22.

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